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This blend of capability, knowledge of industry, matched with our technical expertise, has taken us to where we are today.

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Strategic Safety and Training, a progressive safety, health and well-being consultancy that enhances injury prevention, boosts risk management and builds a sustainable workforce.

Strategic Safety and Training are taking a fresh look at Work, Health & Safety, Workers Compensation and Injury Management services.

We are committed to providing solutions to all sizes of business, that assist with the management of regulatory compliance, whilst also helping you provide a safe environment and build a durable workforce. Through partnering with you, gaining comprehensive knowledge of your core business activities and values, we can compliment your strategies to assist with sustainable growth.

We understand that most businesses focus on building growth and developing innovative products to service their customers. However at times this can lead to distraction from building sustainable safety management programs and the integration of appropriate policies, to assist with ensuring the health and well being of your workforce. Therefore Strategic Safety and Training provides cost effective alternatives to fulfilling the requirement of an internal safety and well being resource.

Strategic Safety and Training pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients. The basis of our relationships is built through our company being able to support your staff in our area’s of expertise to allow you to focus on yours.

We have extensive experience in supporting varying industries such as, civil construction, logistics, mining, agriculture, and labour hire to name a few. We also have extensive experience in advocating for our clients with regulatory bodies and government departments.


Safety Strategy development is one of the most important strategies that any organisation can put in place and is an important component for any organisation’s strategic vision.

The Safety Strategy framework must be simplistic in approach and easily understood and communicated with all colleagues throughout the organisation. It is especially essential for all medium to larger organisations with a number of tiers of leadership.

Good WHS  management always commences with the identification of hazards and risks in the workplace. By identifying key risks, effective controls can be put in place to reduce the risk of a serious incident and/or accident occurring by utilising the WHS Hierarchy of Controls.

Safety Leadership is essential for the development of a strong Safety Culture in any organisation. Strategic Safety and Training can show what safety leadership means and how it can impact positively on those individuals within the organisation who are at the greatest risk of injury.





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